To paraphrase John Cena: "I am often asked what keeps me going? The simple fact that I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go, and to have the opportunity to think big."
The world is bigger than you think. Instead of waiting for the right moment, you have the chance to create that moment now! Define goals, take action, and realize you can move mountains!
Your future is determined by what you do today, not tomorrow. You have to plant the seed today to get the tree tomorrow.
Pokemon Involvement
  1. TCG Player
  2. VG Player
  3. Episode Watcher
  4. Movie Watcher
  5. Manga Reader
  6. Collector
  7. Crazy Collector
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    Movie Watcher

    This member loves the Pokémon films and has seen all of them multiple times.
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    300+ Likes

    This member’s posts have received at least 300 likes.
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    Manga Reader

    This member actively reads Pokémon manga.
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    100+ Likes

    This member’s posts have received at least 100 likes.
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    Crazy Collector

    This member owns an extremely large and impressive collection of Pokémon merchandise or cards.
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    VG Player

    This member plays the Pokémon video games on a regular basis.
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    Episode Watcher

    This member watches the Pokémon anime on a regular basis or has seen most seasons. He or she has extensive knowledge of the show.
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    This member actively collects Pokémon merchandise or cards.
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    TCG Player

    This member plays the TCG on a regular basis.