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    Pokemon Ideas for a Paper-Based Pokemon RPG

    RE: Paper Based Pokemon RPG I really like the idea... I think it'd be a good way to set the game in a more realistic/adult world and to not feel limited. The games dumb it down a bit sometimes. But I'm wondering... how do you keep it even for new vs experienced players? Are these sheets...
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    Pokemon Pokemon Battle Royale Exhibition

    They're great because they interpret how Pokemon might interact in the real world... or they just make puns out of them. :) The Misty one freaks me out, but that's why I like it. There's something reeeeeally messed up about it, in an awesome way that means I have to keep looking at it. :P
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    Pokemon Pokemon Battle Royale Exhibition

    I couldn't see this posted anywhere else, and I thought it was worth checking out. 151 artists were selected to create artwork based on the first 151 Pokemon for the Light Grey Art Gallery in Minneapolis. Check out the awesome artwork here:
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    ... and I thought no one who registered before me would still be around here! :P

    ... and I thought no one who registered before me would still be around here! :P
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    Finished Rate the sig & avatar above you.

    baaah sorry... now I see it in your sig... shows how observant I am! It's hilarious anyway. Uh I'll rate Blazing_Monkey's since I just did yours... 5/10 - Another one of those stylised avatars... I'm so confused... 7/10 - Good choices :D
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    SSB Brawl Discussion Thread

    RE: The official Super Smash Bros Brawl thread. Oh God I can't waint for this game... I am buying a Wii just to play this. Any guess/speculations as to which new Zelda characters might make it into the game? I think they are trying to add at least one char from each game featured in SSBM...
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    Finished Rate the sig & avatar above you.

    28th member? Was I?!? That rocks. And people actually remember me? Whoa! 9/10 Ha ha that's awesome, did you draw it yourself? 7/10 A good SP episode... a bad song! Haha. And I've disliked Smeargle since G&S but I forget why... so I guess I should probably stop hating him now. Nice button...
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    Finished Rate the sig & avatar above you.

    5/10 ... what's with everyone having these kind of avatars? (sorry... I've been away for a while and I feel all left out.) Looks kinda... scary. XD 7/10 - Nicely put together.
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    Stuff we dont really notice.... ( AnimeTalk Version )

    It's weird that there are so many actual animals in their world. Like when Gastly turned into a Mongoose to beat Jessie's Arbok. It's not just the anime as well, for example in Eevee's jungle set card art it's chasing a butterfly. And there's other examples but I've forgotten them. >_<...
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    Ruling Misunderstandings and Mistakes.

    This is old but... if someone used an attack that says, for example; "Place 4 damage counters on the defending Pokémon", does that mean that damage is unaffected by things like Metal Energy/Agility and any other effects? In other words does this mean these attacks work like Swift and damage can't...
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    GASP!!!!!   Poekmon Liberated site is closing

    lol. i wasn't really being serious. but oh well. i'll wait for patches. as well as a faster internet speed so i can actually download them. :|
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    Thursday, 11/16, Fossil and Team Rocket Scans, Ken Pics Added

    Yay! Good memories. Some of these cards I've never even seen. *can't wait for neo sets*
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    Fav Pokemon card set.

    lol they're were all broken/crap! But I vote Base just because it's the one that started it all...
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    GASP!!!!!   Poekmon Liberated site is closing

    It also means we can play online with people who share interests overseas. :) Does this mean we should all uninstall OCTGN and stop playing online?