Pokemon Japan Reprints Even More Sets; Almost All “Scarlet & Violet” Sets Now Restocked!

We’ve received reports that some of Japan’s Pokemon Centers have restocked Triplet Beat and Raging Surf. Presumably this means they’ve been reprinted and will be coming to retailers in the coming weeks.

Back in March, the Japanese Pokemon Center restocked several sets for the first time since their initial print runs. This included Wild Force, Cyber Judge, Ancient Roar, Future Flash, Crimson Haze, and Shiny Treasure EX.

In the ensuing months, Pokemon Card 151, Scarlet ex, and Violet ex also received new print runs. All of these sets are still available on the Pokemon Center website:

This means the only SV sets that haven’t been reprinted yet are the dual sets Snow Hazard and Clay Burst. Clay Burst infamously featured Iono, which caused the set to sell out in one day.