TPCi Reveals 2025 Season to Limit Worlds Invites, Only 125 TCG Masters for North America

In the midst of the huge Stellar Crown reveal just minutes ago, TPCi posted a lengthy breakdown of changes coming to the 2025 season of Organized Play.

There will be a set number of Worlds invites per region going forward:

The qualification system for the Pokémon World Championships is changing for the 2025 season. In 2025, a set number of players from each rating zone, age division, and game will earn an invitation to the World Championships based on their Championship Points leaderboard standings. This update applies to Pokémon TCG, Pokémon video game, and Pokémon GO players. Most recently, invitations were based on a fixed CP threshold that players needed to accumulate to receive an invitation.

In addition to the players who qualify via Championship Points, individual top performers at major events will earn automatic invitations to the Pokémon World Championships. Regional and Special Champions will receive an invitation, and the top four finishers of each International Championships will earn an invitation. Invites earned through this method will not count against the total invitation slots for that player’s rating zone.

The number of TCG invitees will be as follows:

Age Division Junior Senior Masters
US and Canada 75 100 125
Europe 75 100 125
Latin America 50 50 100
Oceania 10 10 20
Middle East & South Africa 5 5 10

This year Worlds saw about 270 TCG Masters for North America. These changes will cut that amount in half.

You can see all the details of the announcement on