Target Stores Cracking Down on TCG Scalpers

Target stores are taking new measures against scalpers.

As spotted by Shuman2100, some Targets have posted a sign in their card sections warning they will block scalpers from making purchases:

“Target reserves the right to prohibit purchases of any merchandise to resellers. Resellers are defined as a company or individual that purchases goods with the intention of selling them rather than using them.”

Target notes, “This includes individuals that exhibit behaviors such as pack searching and weighing.”

This isn’t the first time Target has responded to scalping. In May 2021, Target temporarily pulled all trading cards from their stores after a scalping incident turned physical. Four people attacked a man following an argument over sports cards, leading to the victim brandishing a gun.

In June 2021, stores resumed sales but with a limit on how many items a customer could purchase.

It’s unclear what spurred this latest action, especially since scalping reached its height during the pandemic. In some cases, people were lining up overnight, which forced Target to issue updates to its security policies.