Sinistcha and Ogerpon Promos for “Twilight Masquerade” Store Promotions, Except for U.S. GameStops! What?

To celebrate the release of Twilight Masquerade, starting May 24th, you can pick up a galaxy foil version of Sinistcha at U.S. Best Buy stores. You will have to spend $15 on Pokemon TCG products to receive the card.

Oddly, no promo card will not be offered at U.S. GameStop stores. We’re not sure why. Usually GameStop stores get their own promo with a GameStop stamp in the corner. (Perhaps it has something to do with their new graded card program?)

Meanwhile, fans in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can pick up a galaxy holo Teal Mask Ogerpon promo card with either a GameStop stamp or a Best Buy stamp. In Canada, you can visit your nearest GameStop, and in New Zealand and Australia, you can visit EB Games. You will also have to spend $15 on Pokemon TCG products.

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