“Battle Academy 2024” Revealed, Features Several Promo Cards!

The new Battle Academy for 2024 has been now been revealed! As posted before, it will release on June 21st for $24.99.

It’s now been revealed its three decks will be headlined by Pikachu ex, Darkrai ex, and Armarouge ex. All of them originate from Japan’s Battle Academy.

The product will feature promo cards in its deck lists this time, all from Japan’s Battle Academy. These promos were listed on Pokemon.com two weeks ago:

Card Card Number Legality Date
Armarouge ex SVP 105 4/26/2024
Pikachu ex SVP 106 4/26/2024
Mareep SVP 107 4/26/2024
Flaaffy SVP 108 4/26/2024
Ampharos SVP 109 4/26/2024
Darkrai ex SVP 110 4/26/2024
Pawniard SVP 111 4/26/2024
Bisharp SVP 112 4/26/2024
Kingambit SVP 113 4/26/2024
Picnicker SVP 114 4/26/2024
Miraidon SVP 148 4/26/2024

Pokemon.com still lists April 26th as their legality dates even though the product comes out on June 21st. Presumably this means the product is releasing for the first time this weekend, such as at the Europe International Championships.

This also means there are still 37 cards from Japan’s Battle Academy that don’t currently have English releases, including Houndstone ex, Greninja ex, Lucario ex, and Melmetal ex. They may be thrown into a future set.