Ceruledge “Pokemon Day” Promo to Release at Gamestop, Best Buy, and Pokemon Center

Pokemon has announced that the Ceruledge “Pokemon Day 2024” promo will release at Gamestop, Best Buy, and the Pokemon Center starting February 23rd.

As we posted before, you will get the card at Canada Toys R Us stores if you spend $15 or more. Presumably this will be the same requirement for the U.S.


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Here hoping they still do a GameStop one for Paldean fates (not holding my breath) 🤞🤡🤞 although it’s nice to see this stamped Ceruledge and him getting some love over alllll the armarouge stuff they’ve been pumping out!

Edit: I guess this is the stand-in for a Paldean Fates store promo because it is a “PAF” card and a stamped promo but I’m not sure I should consider this a “Paldean fates promo”
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I hope this promo is also available at the Pokemon Day event coming up later this month
Our league will be getting the stuff in on Monday. I expect we'll start to see images of things for Pokemon Day event soon. If not today if places got them, then Monday/Tuesday.


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Oh boy, here we go again.
Another card that will soon be imbued with very rotted and negative energy because scalpers can’t help themselves and ruin everything for everyone.
Just like the Van Gogh pikachu.