“World Championship 2023 Decks” Revealed for March!

The next set of World Championship decks will release on March 1st — featuring replicas of the winning decks from Worlds 2023 in Yokohama, Japan!

As we posted a few weeks ago, the decks to be distributed this year include:

  • Vance Kelley’s Mew VMAX / Genesect V deck (Masters winner, U.S.)
  • Tord Reklev’s Gardevoir ex deck (Masters runner-up, Norway)
  • Gabriel Fernandez’s Lugia VSTAR / Archeops deck (Senior winner, Brazil)
  • Shao Tong Yen’s Lost Zone Toolbox deck (Junior winner, Taiwan).

Each will cost $14.99. They will come with a 60-card deck, a deck box, a booklet, a pin, a coin, a playmat / poster, and a code card.

As usual, the cards will not be legal for tournament play. They will be printed with special backs.