Ultra PRO Premium “Abra Evolutions Stitched Playmat” Next Year!

A new Ultra PRO “Abra Evolutions Stitched Playmat” will hit store shelves by May 15th, 2024. Seemingly the product was inspired by our special 151 set, which featured the return of Kadabra.

Ultra PRO has released rubber playmats for Pokemon before (below), but this is Pokemon’s first “stitched” playmat releasing as a standalone product. As the name implies, the border of the playmat is stitched for a more premium look and holds up better over time.

The Mew playmat in the 151 Ultra-Premium Collection also featured a stitched border:

No pricing information has released yet, but it should cost $23.99 like Ultra PRO’s stitched playmats for other brands. The “regular” playmats usually cost $20.99.

Here is the product description:

Made with a soft fabric top to reduce damage to cards during play and a non-slip rubber backing to keep the playmat from shifting during use, playmats enhance the gameplay experience. The stitched edges offer an added premium feel. With dimensions of approximately 24 in. x 13.5 in., a playmat also makes an excellent oversize mousepad for home or office.

  • Stitched edges offer an added premium feel
  • Approximately 24 in. x 13.5 in. and lays flat
  • Soft fabric top helps protect cards during gameplay
  • Non-slip rubber backing keeps the playmat from shifting during use
  • Makes an excellent oversize mousepad for your home or office