Rarest Ever English Stamped Promos Releasing in Southeast Asia!

The Pokemon Company has been awarding stamped English promos at tournaments in Southeast Asia. This region is unique because it gets English Pokemon cards, but Japan’s The Pokemon Company manages the brand.

In November and December, a stamped Chien-Pao ex was awarded to the Top 4 players in each age division at the Regional Championships in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Each print featured the country’s event logo. The most recent Regional took place in Malaysia on December 2nd; no other Regionals are currently scheduled.

This means there are only 12 copies of each card currently in existence, making them some of the rarest English prints ever produced. These cards will undoubtedly be desired by the most serious English collectors.

For each event, the promos were presented to the top 4 finishers of each age division inside a trophy case.

Those who competed in each Regional also received a stamped Iono if they completed three to four rounds.

We’ve also learned a stamped Gardevoir ex was supposed to be awarded to players who won at least five rounds at each event. However, the promo was delayed in each country (along with playmats that were supposed to be awarded to top players). At the end of each event, TPC promised players the prizes would be distributed at a later date.

Last year, an Ultra Ball promo with an event logo was given out as a participation promo to those who completed five rounds during Championship events. The top 8 players also received stamped versions of the card embedded in a trophy; these were stamped with their placement, like Top 8 or Champion. These double stamped Ultra Ball cards are even rarer than Chien-Pao.

We’ll have to pay more attention to Southeast Asia, as they’ll surely continue to release more unique English prints!

Thanks goes to players @PrimeTimeWiz, @Lucy_1st, and @KashMann27 for helping me with this news story!