“The Indigo Disk” DLC Releasing on December 14th!

TPCi has announced The Indigo Disk will launch on December 14th! This will be Part 2 of The Hidden Treasure DLC and will continue the story of The Teal Mask.

No new information was revealed today other than the release date.

It was previously announced Part 2 would introduce Terapagos, Raging Bolt, Iron Crown, and Archaludon.

Players will travel as an exchange student to the Blueberry Academy, the sister school of Scarlet‘s Naranja Academy and Violet‘s Uva Academy. It’s a new school with a curriculum that emphasizes Pokemon battling. Most of the school’s building is located under the ocean.

For the TCG, trademark listings indicate a Battle Academy set will be coming out next year. The name may be a reference to the Blueberry Academy.