First English Products for March 2024: Worlds Decks and New Stackable Tins!

We can exclusively reveal a new trio of “Stackable Tins” will release on March 1st. Like previous editions (below), each tin will come with three booster packs and a coin. The tins can stack on top of each other. They will cost $12.99 each.

Presumably this new set of tins will feature Psychic, Dragon, and Metal Pokemon. The first set of Stackable Tins released in February 2022 featuring Grass, Water, and Lightning Pokemon; the second set released in October 2022 featuring Fighting, Fire, and Darkness-types.

We can also reveal the next set of World Championship decks will release on March 1st — featuring replicas of the winning decks from Worlds 2023 in Japan. Like 2022’s decks (below), each will come with a 60-card deck, a deck box, a booklet, a pin, a coin, a playmat poster, and a code card.

The decks to be distributed this year include Vance Kelley’s Mew VMAX / Genesect V deck (Masters winner, U.S.), Tord Reklev’s Gardevoir ex deck (Masters runner-up, Norway), Gabriel Fernandez’s Lugia VSTAR / Archeops deck (Senior winner, Brazil), and Shao Tong Yen’s Lost Zone Toolbox deck (Junior winner, Taiwan).

You can see the deck lists on

No product images are available for any of these products yet.

We also revealed February 2024’s English products a few weeks ago.