Pokemon Center Cancelling and Modifying Van Gogh Orders

The Pokemon Center x Van Gogh collaboration continues to prove messy.

We have received multiple reports that some customers who placed orders for Van Gogh Pokemon products are receiving cancellation e-mails from the Pokemon Center. Their entire orders have been cancelled with no specific explanation given. We have verified that some of these customers are not scalpers.

Other customers are only receiving partial fulfillment of their orders. For example, if a customer placed an order for a Van Gogh plush and playmat, they’re only being charged for one of the items.

In some cases, customers who ordered a mix of Van Gogh items and other unrelated items are only receiving the unrelated items. However, they’re also getting the “Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat” promo even though their final deliveries do not include any Van Gogh items.

We’ve also seen reports on social media of customers placing orders for Van Gogh items and receiving their package without any of the promos. However, some of these orders may have been placed before the promotion officially went live on Friday morning.

And of course there’s customers who placed and received their orders without issue.

This is an example of a cancellation e-mail. However, not all impacted customers will receive one:

Unfortunately, your orders encountered an error and subsequently were not prepared for shipment. [Your orders] will be canceled and your payment method will not be charged. Any pending payments you may see should drop off shortly. You are welcome to make another order attempt if you wish.

Due to overwhelming demand for Pokemon Center x Van Gogh products, please allow an additional 3-5 working business days for your order to be shipped. If your order has not shipped after this time, please do not hesitate to reach back out to us.

We apologize for this experience. Thank you for supporting Pokemon!