McDonald’s Pokemon TCG Promotion Starts in the United States on September 12th!

We can now confirm this year’s Pokemon TCG promotion will take place at McDonald’s from September 12th through October 16th! It will last five weeks.

The promotion already started in European countries in July. As usual, the set features 15 reprinted cards. All of them come from Scarlet & Violet except Pikachu, which comes from Paldea Evolved.

Six of the fifteen cards are holo: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Cetitan, Pikachu, and Klawf. They will use confetti holofoil like past McDonald’s promos. These will be the first McDonald’s promos to feature foil borders, matching how holo cards are printed during the current Scarlet & Violet era.

As usual you’ll get a booster pack and toy when purchasing a Happy Meal. Each booster pack will come with four promo cards, one of which is holo. This year’s toy will be a “Match & Battle” toy like last year, but with an updated design.

The full set list is as follows. Oddly, Kirlia is #015 in the set when it should have been #009. This is the one of the few times an English card has been misnumbered:

001/015 Sprigatito
002/015 Fuecoco
003/015 Quaxly
004/015 Cetoddle
005/015 Cetitan
006/015 Pikachu
007/015 Pawmi
008/015 Kilowattrel
009/015 Flittle
010/015 Sandaconda
011/015 Klawf
012/015 Blissey
013/015 Tandemaus
014/015 Cyclizar
015/015 Kirlia