English “Jirachi V Box” Product Images Revealed!

Previously its French product images were revealed, but now we have the English versions of the mysterious “Jirachi V Box!”

It’s still unclear when and where the product will release. The box has already released at stores in France, so it should release in English soon.

As posted before, the box will come with the regular print of Jirachi V that was cut from Astral Radiance, a jumbo version, a holo promo of Absol from Astral Radiance, four booster packs, and a code card. It should cost $19.99.

Jirachi V’s full art print was released in 2022’s Astral Radiance, but the regular print was cut from the set. At the time fans assumed it would release as a promo in the near-future.

An image of the promo was revealed in the official Card Dex app in December 2022. However, the card never surfaced in a product. Earlier this month the promo was finally listed on Pokemon.com’s promo legality page, which indicated it would be releasing soon. A “Jirachi V Box” was then listed in PTCG Live.


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Has jirachi v ever seen play? I wonder if even if this had released at the same time as astral radiance, if it would have even mattered in a competitive sense.

Raven Zombie

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feels Christmasy, im guessing like a 'secret' black friday thing? although, like the darkrai thing last year was like half off... i dont see this being under $20.