New World Champion Promos Debut After Seven Years!

This year’s World Champion promos will feature new artwork for the first time in seven years!

The cards are currently on display in a glass case at Worlds, so it’s a little difficult to get clear photos of their textures. (I tried my best!)

As usual, these special cards are awarded to the top finishers of each age division. Each finisher also gets a Pikachu trophy.

Under TPCi, there have been three sets of unique artwork for these Worlds promos. Each debuted in 2004, 2014, and now 2023. They always featured the same artwork from year-to-year, only getting updates to their card templates to match the present era.

Originally these “No. 1 / 2 / 3 Trainer” cards were awarded at the largest tournaments in Japan. This was before Worlds became an annual event in 2004.

As previously revealed, every Worlds competitors will also get the new Paradise Resort promo. This will also be given to staff members and those who earn 500 points at Worlds side events.