New “Gyarados ex Premium Collection” Revealed at GameStop Conference!

We’ve been sent photos of a new “Gyarados ex Premium Collection” that was just revealed at the Gamestop Store Leader Conference. This is an event held every year where manufacturers like TPCi show off their holiday products.

The collection will include a full art Gyarados ex, a reverse holo Magikarp, a magnetic card protector with display base, 65 card sleeves featuring Tera Gyarados, six booster packs, and a code card. The “card protector” was also mentioned for the Charizard ex Premium Collection, but we haven’t seen one yet.

No release date or price were announced. But this should release by the holiday season. Presumably it’ll cost $39.99 like the Charizard ex Premium Collection, which has nearly identical contents.

TPCi also displayed products from 151, so this product isn’t necessarily a GameStop exclusive.

Update: The product will release on November 3rd for $39.99.