After Some Doubt, Espeon and Umbreon Store Promos Now Available!

After some delay, Best Buy stores are beginning to receive their Obsidian Flames Espeon promos. Most stores should receive them this week.

GameStop stores already received their Umbreon promos last week. Both cards are reverse holos with a special stamp. announced Tinkaton promos would be available at Best Buy in June, but the cards never surfaced. This lead to some doubt the Espeon promos would be released. Doubts were further heightened by the fact the promotion was supposed to start August 11th.

As posted before, Gamestop stores are giving away an Umbreon promo and Best Buy stores are giving away an Espeon promo to celebrate the release of Obsidian Flames. You will need to make $15 of Pokemon TCG purchases to get each promo. This is the first time we’re getting two different promos for a set promotion.