Miraidon ex is Good — Two Different Builds to Start Grinding

Hello all PokeBeach readers! This is Gabriel Semedo with another Pokemon TCG article. This time, I’m going to talk about another great highlight of the new Scarlet & Violet base set, Miraidon ex!

The recent victory of Miraidon ex in the Miyagi Champions League tournament in Japan, which boasted almost 2500 players, has had a significant impact on the Western Pokemon scene. These large-scale events provide a valuable reference for Western players, especially as the recent release of the Scarlet & Violet base set saw more than two months of game time in Japan, as the set was released there on January 20. Western players have a long history of building on the successes of their Eastern counterparts, improving upon existing strategies and developing new and innovative approaches to the game. This exchange of ideas is fueled by the sheer number of players in the West, as well as the highly competitive nature of the scene, with cash prizes often on the line. This has led to development of exciting new strategies and playstyles that push the boundaries of what is possible in the game.

As we are still very early in the new Standard format and Japan has already had two major tournaments with Scarlet & Violet, today’s article will be focused on the Japanese metagame and examine the Miyagi Champions League winning deck list, used by Shin Inageta. With his innovative use of Magnezone VSTAR, Inageta was able to set himself apart from other players and achieve a hard-fought victory. In addition, I will explore an alternative approach to playing with Miraidon ex, which emphasizes Flaaffy and other unique attacker options.

Shin Inageta’s Deck List Overview

Pokemon (15)

3x Miraidon ex (SVI #81)3x Regieleki VMAX (SIT #58)3x Regieleki V (SIT #57)1x Magnezone VSTAR (LOR #57)2x Magnezone V (LOR #56)2x Raikou V (BRS #48)1x Drapion V (LOR #118)

Trainers (32)

4x Professor's Research (CEL #24)2x Judge (BKT #143)2x Arven (SVI #166)2x Boss's Orders (RCL #189)4x Electric Generator (SVI #170)3x Nest Ball (SVI #181)3x Ultra Ball (SVI #196)2x Pokégear 3.0 (SVI #186)2x Escape Rope (PRC #127)1x Energy Recycler (BST #124)2x Exp. Share (BST #126)1x Choice Belt (BRS #135)1x Forest Seal Stone (SIT #156)3x Beach Court (SVI #167)

Energy (13)

13x Lightning Energy (BLW #108)

The Miyagi Champions League featured several popular decks in the current metagame, such as Lost Box, Lugia VSTAR, Mew VMAX, Gardevoir ex, and Miraidon ex. The winning deck list stood out for its strategic use of Magnezone VSTAR as a tech card to counter a specific problem in the meta, with the rest of the list primarily built around maximizing the strength and consistency of Miraidon ex and its friends.

You need to start attacking from turn 1 using Raikou V. Once you have established a slightly better setup, you can consider using other Pokemon to attack and then evaluate which one is more advantageous to move forward in the matchup. Against Lost Box and Gardevoir ex, you can use Magnezone V to Knock Out Manaphy, then use Magnezone VSTAR to Knock Out the opponent’s benched Pokemon, such as two Comfey or two Kirlia. Miraidon ex serves as your highest damage attacker, particularly with Regieleki VMAX, and is useful for taking a Knock Out on Pokemon with high HP, like Arceus VSTAR or even Gardevoir ex. Regieleki V can be utilized in many ways with its two attacks; the first can Knock Out low HP Pokémon such as Comfey and Sableye, while the second attack can Knock Out almost any single Prize Pokemon, while also reducing 100 damage from your opponent’s Active Spot Pokemon the following turn. The attack effect is similar to that of Hisuian Goodra VSTAR. Regieleki VMAX is ideal for situations where you need to Knock Out the opponent’s Pokemon but they cannot Knock Out Regieleki VMAX in return, with its massive 310HP.

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