Updates on Vikavolt and Cool Ideas From Natal Regionals

Hello all PokeBeach readers! Here is Gabriel Semedo again with another Pokémon TCG article and this time I’m going to talk more deeply about Vikavolt V / Raikou V, the deck I played to make Top 32 at Natal Regionals. Also, at the end of the article, I’ll highlight some cool ideas used by other players who participated in the tournament.

I know this format is coming to the end and no one can stand to see Lugia VSTAR anymore. If there’s a player who doesn’t want to surrender to Lugia VSTAR, that person is me. I decided to play Vikavolt V / Raikou V knowing that I would be at great risk of doing badly, as it’s a deck that is much more about the matchups you face than its gameplay. My goal when using this deck was to beat Lugia VSTAR and Lost Box because I knew that to be champion I would have to face the best players on the continent and they would probably be using one of the two best decks in the game. I had a 100% win against Lugia VSTAR and Lost Box, but the other matchups took a lot of effort to try to win. I thought Mew VMAX would be a smooth matchup, but was the matchup that complicated things for me the most in the tournament. Duraludon VMAX is practically an auto loss, and I, unfortunately, faced one on Day 2.

Below is my list updated in relation to my last article and after this analysis, I will present a second update, with the list of Vikavolt V that I would use after Natal Regionals. Finally, I decided to highlight some cool ideas used by friends and playmates that deserve to be mentioned. Maybe you, the reader, also like these ideas and start using them in your decks. I wish you good reading and let’s go to today’s article:

Updates from My Last Article

Vikavolt V / Raikou V is the deck I started training with the week before the Regionals after seeing the list’s success at the Perth Regional, however, it wasn’t until the day before the tournament that I realized that the list had room for improvement, at least in the form in which it was approaching the most important matchups. The day before the event I got together with friends from all over Brazil in a nice house to train. In that practice, I basically lost almost all my games. It was then that I realized that either I would clean up the list, or it was better to play Lugia VSTAR like everyone else.

When you’re one day away from playing a super important tournament and things don’t go the way you’d like, you enter a state of focus where you start to awaken something inside you, which is a kind of despair, but at the same time a survival instinct that makes you see things better. I take the Pokémon TCG seriously and failing at a Regional means a lot to me. When I perform poorly I get disappointed. Lately, some factors were taking away the chance of good results in my last tournaments, so I didn’t want to repeat that story again. It was then that I decided to collect my cards, leave the training session and spend some time alone, thinking about all the game situations that were causing me to lose. The problem wasn’t the deck, but only a few details. And details can be adjusted in time.

This concludes the public portion of this article.

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