Is Tapu Koko VMAX the Key to Stop Lugia VSTAR?

Hello all PokeBeach readers! Here is Gabriel again with another Pokémon TCG article and this time I’m going to talk about another list that aims to get a positive matchup against Lugia VSTAR — this time I’m going to be talking about Arceus VSTAR with Tapu Koko VMAX and Flying Pikachu VMAX.

In my previous article I talked about Galarian Weezing, which also features Flying Pikachu VMAX as its main attacker, but this time I want to talk about another deck with Flying Pikachu VMAX that stood out a little at the beginning of this format, especially in Online Tournaments, which is the variant with Arceus VSTAR and Tapu Koko VMAX.

This Arceus VSTAR deck with Tapu Koko VMAX is one of the decks with one of the best positive results in the Lugia VSTAR matchup, and that’s something that caught my attention. Tapu Koko VMAX has the Max Shock attack, with the effect of directly Paralyzing the opponent, without having to flip a coin. In theory, the function of the Tapu Koko VMAX is to Paralyze the Lugia VSTAR when they have Dunsparce on the field, and if the opponent does not have Bird Keeper, the Lugia VSTAR will not be able to attack and you can follow up with a KO. This advantage of Knocking Out Lugia VSTAR without being attacked even with Dunsparce on the field is just another factor in winning this matchup. In addition, the opponent may second guess powering up another Lugia VSTAR, since it could end up with the same fate.

During my testing while writing this article, I realized that the advantages this strategy seemed to have in theory were not as evident in practice, while some benefits that could not be perceived in theory were much more prevalent. In the end, the list has interesting potential to approach the format, but maybe not in the way you were originally thinking.

In my previous article I talked about Galarian Weezing / Flying Pikachu VMAX, and the main difference between the two lists is that this one uses Arceus VSTAR, and the other Galarian Weezing. This difference is striking, however, and completely changes the list, even if the idea, in the end, is the same; attacking with Flying Pikachu VMAX.

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