Second “Scarlet & Violet” Set Releasing Later Than Usual, Upcoming English Products!

We’ve learned our second (unnamed) Scarlet & Violet set will release later than usual — on Friday, June 30th June 9th. We normally get a May set, so this means the set schedule is shifting again.

This is probably because our first Scarlet & Violet set will be shifted from February to March (presumably due to the special release of Crown Zenith). Shifting SV2 from May to June allows there to be three months between the sets.

We’re unsure if our set schedule will be shifting permanently or if this is just temporary. Our set releases also shifted during the pandemic, but eventually went back to our normal February, May, August, and November releases.

We can also reveal May 5th will see the release of a new ex Box, League Battle Deck, ex Battle Decks, and Mini Tins. (Past examples of those products below.)