New Premium Tournament Collection and Pokemon ex Box in March!

March 3rd will see the release of the first “regular” product of the Gen 9 era: a new Pokemon ex Box! It’ll come with a Pokemon ex promo card, a jumbo version of the same card, an additional holo promo card, four booster packs, and a code card. It’ll retail for $19.99.

This means the box will match the configuration of recent V Boxes, but featuring a Pokemon ex instead.

So far the only Pokemon ex promo revealed in Japan is Cyclizar ex. But more will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming weeks, meaning this box could feature anything.

Another “Premium Tournament Collection” will release on March 24th in the same vein as Marnie’s and Professor Juniper’s. It’ll retail for $39.99.

It’ll include a full art promo card, three holo Trainer cards, seven booster packs, a deck box, 65 card sleeves, a large metallic coin, two condition markers, six damage counter dice, and a code card. This is the exact same configuration as the two previous Premium Tournament Collections.

This product could be taken as confirmation that full art cards will return in Gen 9. However, it could still feature leftover Trainer cards from the SWSH era, such as the unreleased Boss’s Orders (Cyrus) promo.


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I wonder how many impatient people that are new to the game are going to skip over the articles introduction paragraph, see the rayquaza ex and charizard ex box, lose the plot, only to be told by a friend who's been in the game much longer, that they're from the XY era...

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I like Pokemon more than you! :p
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We've now confirmed the Pokemon ex Box will indeed come with an additional holo card. Story edited.


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The sleeves are decent, but I really like the coin, promo supporters, and dedicated deck box. Hopefully we see something for Boss’ Orders soon!