2022 Illustration Contest Promos To Be Distributed in English Via Pokemon Centers!

The 2022 Illustration Contest promos will also be distributed in English!

Like Special Delivery Charizard, you can submit your information to the Pokemon Center to receive a one-time use code. It can be redeemed for a single pack containing Arcanine, Greninja, and Bulbasaur with purchases totaling $30 USD (before taxes), $30 CAD (excluding GST), or £30 GBP (inclusive of VAT)

The Pokemon Center will send out the codes within 16 weeks. The codes will expire on September 30th, 2023. You can read more information about the promotion on its FAQ page.

Japan started their distribution just a few days ago, on December 16th. Customers will receive a set of all three cards when they spend more than 2,000 yen on merchandise at Japan’s Pokemon Centers, Pokemon Stores, and Pokemon Center Online.