Dragonite Gamestop Promotion Mysteriously Delayed

As we reported last month, Gamestop was supposed to be giving away Dragonite promos on November 11th to celebrate the release of Silver Tempest. Pokemon tweeted the same news last week and linked to a corresponding announcement on their website.

However, it doesn’t appear Gamestop has shipped the cards to their stores. None of our usual contacts have received the promo, and we haven’t been able to find photos of the card posted to social media. Gamestop’s internal system still shows the card in their product catalogue, but they are not in transit yet.

We can only assume the promotion has been delayed. Gamestop has not communicated with their stores about the promotion and Pokemon has not issues any updates. Black Friday is on the 25th, so they could be saving it for then?

The Dragonite promotion is currently active in some European countries. The European card uses a Silver Tempest logo in the corner of the artwork. The American version will use the red Gamestop logo.