“Paradigm Trigger” Secret Rares Revealed!

Japanese fans are now posting the secret rares from Paradigm Trigger to social media and online marketplaces! The set will release in Japan on Friday. We translated all regular cards from the set last week.

Paradigm Trigger features 98 regular cards and 27 secret rares for a total of 125 cards. It features a few special art cards, like all main series Sword & Shield sets.

The Unown shown in the special art illustration spells out “Victory Symbol,” which is the name of the card’s second attack.

Many of these secret rares and those from Incandescent Arcana will become part of our November set, Silver Tempest. However, some will likely be pushed to our special Sword & Shield set in January.

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Aspiring Trainer
I'm really digging Stunky's alt art. The cross section of their burrow and the Stunky family is just amazing.

Skeleton Liar

Surprised to see that cute scene in the Skuntank alt art. I legitimately didn't know it was possible to make Stunky or Skuntank cute.


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All of the Unown in the alt art spell "Victory Symbol", one of its attacks. It’s a nice touch.