Turbo Gengar Is On the Radar for My Next Regionals

Hello to all Pokebeach readers! This is Gabriel again with another Pokemon TCG article and I’m going to reveal one of my options for playing my next Regional Championships in September.

A while ago I did an article about Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR and in it I also described about my surprise about the Mew engine. Unlike Inteleon and Bibarel, Mew combined with Radiant Greninja can offer superior consistency in the first two turns of the game as it allows you to access a greater amount of cards, especially Item cards. Thanks to this, it is possible to explore other strategies and one of them is Turbo Gengar VMAX. Like the Metal-type, the Darkness-type has an Energy accelerator in the form of an Item, which is Dark Patch, and because of this Item it is possible to power up a Pokemon like Gengar VMAX quickly!

After the recent Pokemon TCG World Championships 2022, I noticed that the metagame is very focused on Pokemon VSTAR, mainly Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR and Arceus VSTAR. Both of these Pokemon have 280 HP. The reason I like Gengar VMAX in the metagame is precisely because it can reach that damage with the help of a Choice Belt. There are cases where your opponent can use Big Charm to increase the HP of these Pokemon to 310. In addition, in the metagame there are some popular Pokemon VMAX present in the format, such as Flying Pikachu VMAX and Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX, and for these cases I decided to bet on two more techs so that Gengar VMAX will be able to reach 310 or 320 damage if necessary, which are Single Strike Energy and Galarian Zigzagoon. Thanks to the possibility of taking the Knock Out against most of the main Pokemon of the format with just one attack, I’m betting on Gengar VMAX as a real deck option for me to use in my next Regional Championships to be played at Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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