“Pokemon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition” Now Live!

The Pokemon Company has unveiled a virtual Pokemon TCG Online Illustration Exhibition. You can browse through galleries of cards covering different time periods and themes, then click each card to view a close-ups of its artwork. This is the first time we’re seeing high definition artwork for many old cards.

The exhibition also includes commentary from 50 artists who each picked one of their illustrations to share their memories and creative process.

The cards are presented in three overall categories, each representing multiple galleries:

  • “Life” focuses on the lives of Pokemon and shows them in a variety of different habitats.
  • “History” looks back at over 26 years of the Pokemon Trading Card Game from 1996, when the very first set launched in Japan, until present day.
  • “Artist” showcases illustrations from several specific Pokemon TCG artists, each with a unique artistic style.

In addition, Japanese illustrator Takumi Wada designed three card illustrations for this exhibit that will be revealed on August 23rd, September 7th, and September 22nd. He has never illustrated a Pokemon card before, but is known for illustrating artwork for The Legend of Zelda franchise.

The exhibition will be available until October 22nd.