Limited Copies of New Lucario VSTAR and Lucario V Promos to Be Distributed!

Back in 2020, Japan held tournaments called the Charizard Hyper Rare Contests. Winners of each tournament received 1 of 600 copies of an exclusive rainbow rare Charizard VMAX promo. The top four finishers of each tournament also received an exclusive full art Charizard V promo.

In the same vein, Japan will be holding new tournaments called the “Lucario Hyper Rare Contests” from September 30th to December 31st. 2,000 copies of a new Lucario VSTAR rainbow rare will be awarded to the winner of each tournament. 4,000 copies of a Lucario V full art will be awarded to the top four finishers of each tournament.

Participants will also receive a special reverse holo Barry promo.

The tournaments will be limited to 16 players each. Similar to prereleases, players will open 10 packs of Incandescent Arcana to make a 40-card deck. The tournaments will be held at Pokemon Centers and venues that hold Gym tournaments.

Promos for these events usually fetch a high price on the aftermarket because their print runs are extremely limited. Both Lucario promos will be highly sought after by collectors.

In English, we received the full art Lucario V in the Lucario VSTAR Collection in April. We have no news about how — or if — the rainbow rare Lucario VSTAR will be released in English.