My Pick For Worlds — Dark Inteleon

Hello to all PokeBeach readers, this is Gabriel Semedo again with another Pokemon TCG article. Thus time I’m going to talk about Dark Inteleon, another archetype that will probably appear in the Pokemon TCG World Championships 2022. In this article I will show you my version and ideas that I would use on my list if I chose this deck to play in the competition.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to the World Championships this year for a number of reasons, despite getting the invitation within two months of this long season back in 2019. But I’m coaching two Senior players, so I’m attentive to any news or decks that has the potential to stand out in this competition. We already know that Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR with Inteleon, Arceus VSTAR with Inteleon, Arceus VSTAR with Flying Pikachu VMAX, and Mew VMAX are the most popular decks in the format, but we also know that players are getting ready to showcase their best performances and ideas in the last and most important season tournament. It is important to research and test all other ideas that may have potential in the metagame for two main reasons: One is if you use a deck already known from the metagame and don’t know how to deal very well with the less popular matchups, and the other reason is if you haven’t found a deck yet and are open to discovering a new one.

Dark Inteleon enters this category of deck that is not very popular but with the potential to win Worlds. This is a deck that needs a lot of training to play well and any mistake can be fatal, something that already puts some players away from using the deck right away. Another point I’ve noticed is that the Dark Inteleon lists vary a lot, especially now with the arrival of Radiant Charizard to offer another good attacking option for the archetype. It’s hard to say which is the best list of Inteleon techs in the format. The reason I hear most from players about this type of deck not being one of the best in the format is consistency. It’s a complicated task to make all the impact moves you need without fail.

I decided to pay attention to Dark Inteleon until I arrived at a list that I was satisfied with. The results were more interesting than I thought. Some ideas started to emerge only after many games, after experiencing the same situation several times and one of them being happy to see a possibility to evolve the list. One of the standout inclusions is Radiant Greninja, which in addition to offering draw power in a deck that has a reputation for being inconsistent, also offers the possibility to attack with its powerful Moonlight Shuriken attack.

The versions of Inteleon with Radiant Charizard are pretty cool too, and the idea of ​​this deck is to solve all your problems with Radiant Charizard and a Choice Belt attached, unlike the version of Dark Inteleon that uses Pokemon of different types to deal with the metagame. In theory, Inteleon with Radiant Charizard lists are lighter, but being able to use Radiant Greninja in Dark Inteleon brings a unique consistency.

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