Deck Lists and Trainer Holos Revealed for “Pokemon GO V Battle Deck – Mewtwo vs. Melmetal”

The deck lists for the “Pokemon GO V Battle Deck – Mewtwo vs. Melmetal” have now been revealed! As posted before, it will release on July 1st along with most other Pokemon GO TCG products.

Also revealed are the extra Trainer cards that will come in the (above) bundled version. They include three holo Professor’s Research (Professor Willow), two holo Boss’s Orders (Giovanni), two Rare Candy, two Lure Module, and two Egg Incubator.

The bundled version includes two 60-card decks featuring a foil Mewtwo V or Melmetal V, two Pokemon GO booster packs, a sticker sheet, two large metallic coins, and two deck boxes. It’ll retail for $39.99.

As usual, the decks will also be sold individually for $14.99. But only the bundled version will come with the extra cards and booster packs.