“Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection” in April!

A new “Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection” has been listed in the internal data of PTCG Live! Product listings from earlier this year placed its release between April and May.

PTCGO recently revealed the full art promo of Professor’s Research (Professor Juniper). This will obviously come in the product. The card originates from December’s VMAX Climax set. It’s SWSH152.

Like the Marnie Premium Tournament Collection, the Juniper version should retail for $39.99 and come with one full art promo, seven booster packs, a set of 65 card sleeves featuring Professor Juniper, a deck box, a large metallic coin, 2 coin condition markers, 6 tournament-ready damage dice, and a code card.

The Marnie version also came with three additional promos of Marnie, but we’re not sure what will take the place of those in the Juniper version. Perhaps holo versions of Juniper’s regular Professor’s Research card?