Electric/Grass Hisuian Voltorb Revealed!

Pokemon has officially revealed Hisuian Voltorb! It is Electric / Grass, likely because Poke Balls of the era are partly made from wood.

It’s classified as the “Sphere Pokemon” while Voltorb was originally the “Ball Pokemon.”

Here’s its official English description:

This enigmatic Pokémon has a glossy, spherical body. It looks very similar to the Poké Balls of the Hisui region, what with the wood-grain-like makeup of its body’s surface and the hole on the top of its head.​

There seem to be countless seeds packed inside Hisuian Voltorb. Occasionally, it spouts these seeds out of the hole in its head. However, no one knows exactly what it’s like inside the Pokémon’s body, because inside the hole, it’s pitch-dark. It’s impossible to see anything even if one peers into the hole.​

This Pokémon is always in high spirits and has a friendly personality. However, it discharges its stored electricity all at once from the hole in its head when it gets excited, so it frequently shocks humans and Pokémon in its vicinity. Even the slightest provocation can set off such a discharge, so in human settlements, Hisuian Voltorb is considered a nuisance. Tales of people temporarily plugging the hole on Hisuian Voltorb’s head and kicking it out of settlements are not entirely uncommon.​

Yesterday, Pokemon’s Twitter asked fans to visit the Legends: Arceus website because Ball Guy needed help picking up the Poke Balls he dropped. When you loaded the website, animated Poke Balls would fill the entire screen. You could click each of them to make them disappear, but one would always explode and reset the Ball dropping. This was obviously a hint that one of the Poke Balls was a Hisuian Voltorb in disguise.