Get Mew and Jirachi in BDSP, Encounter Legendary Pokemon in Ramanas Park, and a Major Software Patch!

TPCi has released more information about Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl!

You’ll be able to get Mew in-game if you have save records on your Nintendo Switch from Let’s Go, Pikachu or Eevee. The same for Jirachi if you have save records for Pokémon Sword or Shield. To add them to your team, you can speak to the gentleman and madame in the flower field located on the southwest end of Floaroma Town.

TPCi also announced Ramanas Park, a new facility you can visit after entering the Hall of Fame where you’ll be able to capture Legendary Pokemon.

Inside the rooms of Ramanas Park are pedestals, and if you insert the corresponding slate into a pedestal, a Legendary Pokemon will appear. Each slate is in the shape of the cartridge of the Pokemon’s original game.

You can exchange Mystery Shards from the Grand Underground to obtain the Slates and unlock their corresponding rooms.

Mewtwo and Rayquaza can be encountered in both games. Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Ho-Oh are exclusive to Brilliant Diamond while Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Lugia are exclusive to Shining Pearl. Other Legendary Pokemon from before Gen IV like Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latios, and Latias should also be available.

Nintendo has also announced a software patch will be available on November 11th, over a week before the games release. This patch will add 3 GB of content. Future patches are also planned:

  • Communication functions added for the Grand Underground, Super Contest Shows, Union Room, and Mystery Gift
    • You’ll be able to enjoy local and internet communication functions of game features like the Grand Underground, Super Contest Shows, and the Union Room. You’ll also be able to receive gifts via Mystery Gift.
    • At launch, a maximum of two players—yourself included—will be able to battle and trade Pokémon in the Union Room. A software update will be released in the future to allow for additional players.
  • Post–Hall of Fame elements added
    • Some game elements you’ll be able to enjoy after entering the Hall of Fame, such as Ramanas Park, will be implemented.
    • Note: If you have game data that reflects that you have already entered the Hall of Fame, you can play these elements immediately after updating the software.
  • Some in-game movies and animation added
    • Certain animated scenes and movies, including the opening movie that plays when the software is opened and the ending movie, will be implemented.
    • Note: An opening movie has been added that plays when the software is opened. You can see it by closing the game and re-opening it with existing save data.
    • Note: An ending movie has been added. Even if you have already reflected entering the Hall of Fame on your save data, you can see the ending by entering the Hall of Fame again.
  • Some issues have also been fixed for more pleasant gameplay.

Presumably this initial patch serves as an anti-piracy measure to ensure the games are not completely spoiled before their release. It could also mean the games weren’t finished in time for launch.