‘Build & Battle Boxes’ Are Changing for ‘Brilliant Stars!’

Build & Battle Boxes are changing! Currently they come with a 23-Card Evolution Pack, including one of four prerelease promos. They also come with four booster packs from their set.

We’ve received word that starting with Brilliant Stars, they will instead feature 40-card decks with “ready-to-play cards.” They will still retail for $19.99 and come with one of four promo cards, four booster packs, a deck sheet, and a code card for Pokemon TCG Live.

We don’t have additional details on the decks themselves. Common sense says you’ll be able to choose from four different decks, since each deck will include a prerelease promo of a different Energy type. There were several variations of each Evolution pack, so there’s a possibility the decks could vary beyond four lists.

Prerelease kits for retailers will still come with ten Build & Battle Boxes, a booster box for prize support, and 450 Energy cards. As usual players can use those Energy to complete their decks.

Stores will still give three additional packs to players as an entry prize, but as usual players can’t use those packs to change their decks.

Brilliant Stars products will hit store shelves on February 25th.