All ’25th Anniversary Collection’ Cards Revealed for Japan! (Promos Too!)

The official Pokemon site has revealed all 28 cards from Japan’s 25th Anniversary Collection! It will release on October 28th in Japan.

The gold Mew and full art Professor’s Research are presumably secret rares. The set includes Pikachu V-UNION and Pikachu V, which are promos in English.

The Japanese set also includes eight holo Energy cards that are not in our Celebrations set.

Update: Japan has now revealed the promo cards that will be released within the set’s promo booster pack. As posted before, the promo booster packs contains one of 25 cards. Fan receive a pack when purchasing four booster packs of 25th Anniversary Collection from Pokemon Center stores.

We don’t know how Japan will get most of the other promo cards released in English, like Light Toxtricity and Greninja Star.


Interesting there's no holo Fairy Energy. I'm await it's in some awkward phaseout period, but isn't a Fairy symbol on the booster packs for this set?


Lightning Trainer
Somewhat irks me how the promos seems to be labeled by set release over time (Umbreon Star being the odd one) but went out of their way to put Charizard before they put Venusaur.


Aspiring Trainer
It's so interesting to see the totally different way the set's released in Japan versus the rest of the world. I think I prefer the way we're getting it where you only have to buy one pack that's got it all in there. Though I can see that having the playable and historical cards separated out makes sense too. Does this mean Japanese players can pull the Pikachu V-Union pieces one by one from card packs? Ouch.

Wish we got those energies though!


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Do we know if the japanese set will be available for regular purchase after the lottery allotment has gone out? Seems like this set is going to insanely rare if there is no more stock after release.


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They removed their respective set logo unlike the english version. Also, compare the new Groudon card with the english. The annoying pikachu logo overlap the female magma grunt. Terrible.