Extremely Rare Eeveelution VMAX and Gym Leader Promos Releasing in Hong Kong, May Come Overseas!

Players in Hong Kong and Taiwain who perform well in Gym tournaments will receive the alternate art versions of the Eeveelution VMAX cards!

The Eeveelution promos were first announced in Japan a month ago. 3,000 fans will get a copy of each promo through a special lottery campaign that ends September 30th. These types of lottery promos are usually kept exclusive to Japan, but since Hong Kong is now getting them, there’s a possibility we could see them overseas one day.

Players who win each 16-person tournament will receive one of the three promos depending on the tournament date. Tournaments taking place from August 16th to 29th will get Vaporeon, tournaments from August 30th to September 12th will get Jolteon, and tournaments from September 13th to 26th will get Flareon.

So far 55 tournaments have been announced for the first weekend in Hong Kong. None have been announced for Taiwan yet, which is much larger. So we don’t know how many Eeveelutions will be released yet, especially with Covid leading to event cancellations.

Also revealed is a new alternate art version of Gym Trainer, which hasn’t been seen in Japan yet. It will likely be a participation prize. This morning we also revealed the seven promos players will get in the booster packs given out at the tournaments.