English Promos Revealed from August’s Trainer’s Tookit and Ice/Shadow Rider Calyrex V Boxes!

PTCGO has revealed English card images of August’s promos!

This includes Mismagius, Sabrina & Brycen, and Crobat V from the second Trainer’s Toolkit. They will release on August 6th.

As posted before, Mismagius and Sabrina & Brycen are Sun & Moon promos releasing long after the Sun & Moon era has finished. The bulk of SM promos finished releasing in fall 2019 upon the release of Sword & Shield. The last one was Aipom in May 2020.

The promos of Ice Rider Calyrex V and Shadow Rider Calyrex V from their Pokemon V boxes have also been revealed. They will release on August 6th as well.