Twitter Contest to Win Special Eevee Deck Boxes Announced!

Creatures has announced a special Twitter competition to win one of 100 deck boxes featuring Eevee!

To enter you need to complete the puzzles on this mini-website for Eevee Heroes. You will need to look at cards from the set to complete them. The puzzles are similar to the ones included in booster packs of the set.

Once you’re finished with the puzzles you will need to click a button on the website to make a post to your Twitter account. Then you must follow the official @Pokemon_cojp Twitter account.

The competition will last from May 28th to June 17th. A hundred winners will be randomly chosen from Twitter and DM’d by Creatures to receive the prize. Participants who submit multiple entries or use bots will be disqualified. Creatures will only ship the prizes to addresses in Japan.

The deck box design is not final yet.