‘Marnie Premium Tournament Collection’ Revealed!

We now have product images for the “Marnie Premium Tournament Collection Box!” It will release on August 6th.

It will retail for $39.99. As posted before, it will come with four foil promo cards, seven booster packs, a Marnie deck box, a Marnie coin, a set of 65 Marnie card sleeves, two condition marker coins, and six damage counter dice.

(The packaging looks like a milk carton cuz she’s going to go missing as soon as the product is released.)

Two of the four promo cards are new Marnie promos. The official Card Dex app already lists them in its internal data: SWSH120 and SWSH121. One is from Japan’s Marnie Trainer Collection, which was released on November 20th. The other is the full art Marnie that was cut from our Shining Fates set.

This was the Japanese version of the collection: