Several New Cards Teased from ‘Matchless Fighters’

Five cards have been teased from the upcoming Japanese set S5a Matchless Fighters. A blurry Spiritomb and Dyna Tree Hill can be seen in  the teaser video’s thumbnail.

The teases are as follows:

  • A Basic Pokemon that attaches Energy to your Benched Pokemon and damages the opponent’s Pokemon with the effect of its attack.
  • A Basic Pokemon without a Rule Box that has an attack that costs 3 energy and does 180 damage if certain conditions are met.
  • A Basic Pokemon that allows you to place multiple damage counters on the opponent’s Pokemon for 1 Colorless Energy. (6 or more damage counters under specific conditions.)
  • An Item card that strengthens Pokemon with “Galarian” in their name.
  • A Stadium card that is useful in decks where it is difficult to knock out the opponent’s Pokemon in a single hit. This is presumably the Dyna Tree Hill card shown in the video’s thumbnail and may have an effect that prevents healing.

Matchless Fighters releases in Japan on March 19th. Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translation.