New ‘V Battle Decks’ Featuring Gardevoir V and Victini V in May!

The next versions of the “V Battle Decks” will feature Victini V and Gardevoir V! Both cards are reprints, but feature brand new artwork that hasn’t been seen in Japan yet. Each 60-card deck will release on May 7th for $14.99.


Each deck comes with a playmat, damage counters, a large metallic coin, a deck box, guides, and PTCGO code cards.

A bundle package will also be available for $29.99. It will come with eight additional Trainer cards, two of which will be holo.

The products feature the new “Play Level” indicator. They are a “1,” which means they’re meant for beginners.

No theme decks were listed for Battle Styles, so our current theory is that these decks will replace them. A new set of V Battle Decks should release every quarter, just like sets do. Unlike traditional theme decks, these decks will feature Pokemon V.