Lusamine and Wally Unbanned from Expanded! has just released their Shining Fates ban list. No changes were made to Standard, but both Wally and Lusamine have been unbanned from the Expanded format. The changes will go into effect on March 5th.

  • Lusamine can be a powerful card in the right circumstances in control decks. However, considering that Lt. Surge's Strategy is banned in the Expanded format, the potential of Lusamine is limited in the current environment. If Lusamine turns out to be problematic again, this decision will be reevaluated.
  • After the first-turn Supporter rule change at the beginning of the Sword & Shield Series, the potential problems with Wally were reduced significantly. However, evolving on the first turn can lead to dangerous combos, so the usage of Wally will be monitored closely.

The Battle Styles ban list will be announced on March 4th.