Spring 2021 Collector’s Chest Tin Revealed; Features Two Battle Styles Promos!

The product image for the “Spring 2021 Collector’s Chest Tin” has been revealed! It features both Urshifu VMAX on the cover.

The tin will come with two foil promo cards of Single Strike Tepig and Rapid Strike Shinx. This is the first we’ve heard of them; they have not been revealed in Japan yet.

It will also come with five booster packs, two coins, four sticker sheets, a mini portfolio to store cards, a notepad, and a PTCGO code card.

The tin will release on March 19th for $24.99.

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  1. Platinum Espresso Falinks Fanatic
    Platinum Espresso


    Shinx and Tepig? Bit random
  2. aljebre Aspiring Trainer


    I'm thinking they are included because Emboar is a confirmed single strike card and Luxray is shown in some artwork of some rapid strike pokemon. Maybe they'll have the strike tags for ease of search or some other minor ability.
  3. JayMankey Optimistic Trainer/Collector


    Ah yes, the semi-annual Lunch Box... if only it could find use as an actual lunch box for school kids in the COVID era! Ah well, unfortunate nickname aside, these are always nice little collections of stuff and no-nonsense! Jury's out if these two promos are actual promos or just alternate foil versions of the proper set cards... either way, there ain't nothing wrong with getting five boosters and useful extras for $25!
  4. drewer2635 Aspiring Trainer


    I was hoping we were going to get a Luxray V card but probably not after Shinx has been confirmed, Luxray will most likely be a stage 2 :/