Coalossal and Lickilicky from ‘Single Strike Master’

A new Lickilicky and a new Coalossal have been revealed from S5I Single Strike Master. S5I Single Strike Master & S5R Rapid Strike Master release in Japan on January 22nd. These cards should appear as part of the international set Sword & ShieldBattle Styles, which releases March 19th.

Coalossal – Fighting – HP180
Stage 2 – Evolves from Carkol

[C] Coal Cannon: 90x damage. Flip a coin for each Energy attached to this Pokemon. This attack does 90 damage for each heads.

[F][C][C][C] Wild Tackle: 200 damage. This Pokemon does 50 damage to itself.

Weakness: Grass (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: 4

Lickilicky – Colorless – HP140
Stage 1 – Evolves from Lickitung

[C][C][C] Licky Choice: Your opponent discards the top 3 cards from their deck. Alternatively, they choose three cards from their hand and discard them instead.

[C][C][C][C] Pitch: 100 damage. Your opponent switches their Active Pokemon with 1 of their Benched Pokémon.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: None
Retreat: 4