Old Cinderace Card Receives Errata in English

Cinderace from Sword and Shield (#36) has received an errata: its Retreat Cost should be 2 instead of 1 to match the original Japanese card. TPCi has uploaded a corrected version of the card to their database with the correct Retreat Cost, though the card in your collection has already been printed.

Oddly, the set was released in February but no one noticed the error until now. Even our own news stories included the error. This could be because a bunch of regular Cinderace released at once and they all had a Retreat Cost of 1. TPCi may have copied and pasted the Weakness and Retreat info from card-to-card like we did, not noticing that one of the bajillion Cinderace had an increased Retreat Cost.

Marril from EX Sandstorm was also printed in English with an incorrect Retreat Cost. Initial prints featured a free Retreat while future prints were corrected to have a Retreat Cost of 1. Back then Pokemon ruled the cards should be “played as printed,” which was one of the last cards to receive such a ruling. Now TPCi expects players to ignore errors and play the cards as intended.