Play! Pokemon Still Suspended, But Could Resume in Certain States and Countries in Early 2021

Starting in December, TPCi will begin to monitor the pandemic’s impact on different states and countries to determine if live events can return to specific areas. They will evaluate each area on a monthly basis using local health and social guidelines. Live events will continue to remain suspended through the end of 2020, but the company hopes it’ll be viable to resume some events in early 2021.

The Play! Pokémon team continues to closely monitor the ongoing and dynamic pandemic situation to determine when physical Play! Pokémon events will be able to resume. All decisions will be made with the utmost commitment to ensuring the safety of fans, players, organizers, and local communities where Play! Pokémon events take place. As of November 2020, the Play! Pokémon program will remain suspended through the remainder of 2020.

The team remains hopeful about the viability of resuming Play! Pokémon events in early 2021. However, any reopening of physical events will depend on the pandemic situation, which continues to remain dynamic. It will be assessed per competitive region (such as by country or US state) within the program and will follow that region’s guidelines based on social and business restrictions as well as active case data. We will evaluate all regions monthly starting in December to ensure the information is up to date.

In the meantime, Pokémon Trading Card Game players can continue to participate in League at HomeTeam Challenge, and Players Cup II events. The Players Cup II is also open to video game players. Check the Store Finder to see if your local game store hosts League at Home or Team Challenge events.

Until we can all play together in person again, stay safe, and enjoy playing and battling online.