New ‘Cosmic Eclipse’ Print Run Next Year, In Line with Japan

We can confirm a new print run of Cosmic Eclipse is coming in the first quarter of 2021. Some distributors began taking their first preorders this morning. So far it only appears to be booster boxes.

Earlier this week we reported Japan is creating a new print run of SM12 Alter Genesis, which partly makes up our Cosmic Eclipse. Both the English and Japanese sets feature the popular Arceus and Dialga and Palkia-GX, so it may be a driving factor for both these print runs.

This year we’ve seen new print runs of Ultra Prism and Hidden Fates. We’re also getting a new print run of Unbroken Bonds in December. Japan is reprinting TAG All Stars next month.

TPCi creates new print runs of older sets when interest is high but supply is low. For example, when booster boxes cost $200+ on the secondary market. If there’s money to be made, they’re going to print the set again and put it on shelves!

Going forward I’ll cover news of new print runs since fans seem to be interested in them lately. They happen once in a while, as mentioned above, so don’t take this news as an extra-special case.