Mysterious Pokemon Bus Spotted in London!

A Pokemon bus has been spotted in London and other parts of England! The bus is themed after a Poke Ball and has a “Galar” placard on the back.

We spoke to Thohack from Reddit, whose mother took the photo. According to her, Pokemon was recording a commercial with different actors in various languages. Two of the actors told a bystander it was a commercial for the Pokemon TCG.

It could be a future commercial for Worlds, Pokemon’s 25th anniversary, or something else. We can’t say for certain since film sets are often secretive and cover stories are common. The actors might not know the full scope of what they’re recording, either.

Pokemon Japan has often used a van to advertise the TCG. Their official TCG host, “Ponyta Ishii,” would drive around Japan to battle and interview people. We’ll eventually find out what’s going on, so stay tuned!